Dot To Dot - Melt Yourself Down

Melt Yourself Down – Dot To Dot

Look to the skies and read the signs: Melt Yourself Down are back.

‘Dot To Dot’ is the new single. “I’ve got the rot,” wails fervent frontman Kushal Gaya with fire-dancing fury, “I’ve got the rot inside me.” And who are we to argue? There is utter conviction in his delivery, and a new found darkness to MYD proceedings.

Listen here and listen good:

Pre-order ‘Dot To Dot’ on 12” vinyl/download from Bandcamp or the Leaf shop now. It will be on your music service of choice on Friday.

MYD play in London and Leeds next week to help us celebrate Leaf 20:

Thu 26 Nov – The Bussey Building, London, UK
Fri 27 Nov – Headrow House, Leeds, UK