Nightports w/ Betamax out now

Nightports’ collaborative album with the mighty Betamax of The Comet Is Coming is out now. It’s the second in a series of albums by Adam Martin and Mark Slater featuring sounds produced by just one performer and their instrument, in this case drum kit and percussion. It follows 2018’s Nightports w/ Matthew Bourne. Leaf’s little black book is very much open…

“We wanted to make a record that places focus and detail on the instrument typically positioned at the back of an ensemble,” Martin observes. In doing so they’ve arrived at an album with all the energy and dynamics you’d expect, suffused with a keen sense of melody and emotion. Betamax’s innate command of the drums and Nightports’ sympathetic approach to recording and arrangement have created a fitting ode to the instrument.

Listen to Nightports’ drum/electronics inspirations playlist here.

Watch Betamax perform ‘Sparke’ in lockdown here.

Nightports w/ Betamax is available on limited edition black vinyl in a beautiful die-cut sleeve, CD and digital.

There is also a bundle of the Nightports w/ Betamax and Nightports w/ Matthew Bourne albums on Bandcamp.