Decius – Ferte Linteum mix

Decius Vol. I has CRASHED into the top 5 of The Quietus’ (in)famous Albums of the Year rundown. Given their album review suggested it was “the best album of the year”, that’s a small climb down, but we’ll let them have it. You’ll also find it lurking in DJ’s top 40 albums of 2022. Hot. Decius have put together a […]

Szun Waves – Earth Patterns (Expanded Edition)

More of a good thing is a good thing, Szun Waves kept some of their Earth Patterns tucked away for a rainy day. Guess what… it’s raining (probably). Here’s what Luke Abbott has to say about the release of Earth Patterns (Expanded Edition): “When we make a Szun Waves record we record a lot of music. The shape of the album appears […]

Murcof – 2022 vinyl reissues

We made it just under the wire (sort of). When celebrating the big anniversary of a release with a series of reissues, it’s good to have them come out in the correct year. The much anticipated Murcof vinyl reissues to mark the 20th anniversary of the release of debut album Martes, are finally released in the UK and […]

Sarathy Korwar – KALAK out now

Sarathy Korwar’s groundbreaking new album, KALAK, is out now. Following 2019’s award winning More Arriving album, Korwar once again presents an immersive, fully-formed evolution of his sound and vision. An Indo-futurist manifesto, it sets out to describe a route forward, while celebrating a rich South Asian culture of music and literature, which resonates with spirituality and community. Meticulous production […]

Decius – Decius Vol. I out now

In need of a little pick me up? Aren’t we all? Step this way… Decius Vol. I, the debut album from Decius, is exactly what you’ve been looking for, if you’ve been looking for the very finest acid house and disco the United Kingdom has to offer. Decius are brothers Liam and Luke May, founders of Trashmouth Records, together with Quinn […]

Sarathy Korwar – ‘Remember To Look Out For The Signs’

Following the singles ‘Utopia Is a A Colonial Project’ and ‘Remember Begum Rokheya’, ‘Remember To Look Out For The Signs’ is the third track taken from Sarathy Korwar’s new album KALAK – an indo-futurist manifesto. KALAK is the palindromic form of Kal – a Hindi/Urdu word meaning yesterday and also tomorrow – and represents the ancient/futuristic cyclical rhythm […]

Decius – ‘Show Me No Tears’

Praise be! There’s new Decius in the world. ‘Show Me No Tears’ is the new single, another moreish slice of acid house from brothers Liam and Luke May (Trashmouth Records), Quinn Whalley (Paranoid London/Warmduscher) and frontman Lias Saoudi (Fat White Family). After previous single ‘Look Like A Man’ found its way into summer sets by the likes of Soulwax, Erol Alkan and Eclair FiFi, the glitter has washed […]

Keeley Forsyth – Phantom Limbs EP

Keeley Forsyth remix collection Phantom Limbs is released today. Ben Frost, Cosey Fanni Tutti, Yann Tiersen and Simon Fisher Turner have been let loose on tracks from her Limbs album, to devastating effect. “Working on the remix of ‘Fire’ was an absolute dream for me as I’d discovered Keeley’s work some years ago and found it incredibly refreshing and exciting. It was her unique, emotive voice […]

Sarathy Korwar – ‘Remember Begum Rokheya’

Sarathy Korwar has released ‘Remember Begum Rokheya’, the second track taken from his new album KALAK – an Indo-futurist manifesto. The album celebrates a rich South Asian culture of music and literature, while leaning on the aural tradition of passing rhythms, melodies, stories and recipes from generation to generation, and attempts to use those parts to describe a better […]

Snapped Ankles – ‘The Fish Needs A Bike’ + US West Coast tour

No strangers to the fine art of taking a song and making it their own, Snapped Ankles follow up their 2018 Violations EP with their take on Blurt’s cult classic ‘The Fish Needs A Bike’. This is the sound of the woodwose letting loose on their post-punk standards songbook, after the ‘serious business’ of last year’s Forest Of Your Problems album. “We focused our […]