October 16th, 2015

Leaf 20

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As some of you may recall, 2015 marks our 20th year in business, and we have been promising to do something to celebrate. Autumn is upon us, and it was becoming apparent that we really needed to pull our fingers out. So here it is. This is Leaf 20.

What do we have for you I hear you ask? We have a faintly ridiculous but truly beautiful ten album box set, we have t-shirts, we have posters, we have reissues and we have some gigs.  

It’s fair to say the box set curation and manufacture has been something of a challenge. One we won’t be rushing back into any time soon, so if it’s a Leaf box set you’re after, you’d better get on board with this one. All that blood, sweat and tears will be worth it though. The Leaf 20 box is comprised of fourteen pieces of pristine white vinyl in full artwork and wrapped in bespoke, hand-printed paper covers, accompanied by the ten albums on CD, plus a fold out catalogue artwork poster, a limited edition print, and liner notes by acclaimed writer and journalist Rob Young. This is the finest Leaf document money can buy.

We are manufacturing the box sets to order, up to a maximum of 300 copies. If all goes to plan we will be shipping all the items out in the first week of December, so you should get it in time for Christmas. For all your box set technical specification needs, t-shirts, posters and pre-order details go to our Pledge Leaf 20 campaign page here.

The albums we’ve chosen (with your help, it should be noted) are spread across the years, and most of them have been out of print on vinyl for aeons:

Susumu YokotaSakura
Asa-Chang & JunrayJun Ray Song Chang
MurcofMartes + Utopía
CaribouUp In Flames
ColleenEveryone Alive Wants Answers
A Hawk And A HacksawThe Way The Wind Blows
Polar BearPeepers
Wildbirds & PeacedrumsRivers
Melt Yourself DownMelt Yourself Down      

As well as the box set, which will only be available as a pre-order on Pledge Music, we are reissuing the ten albums on regular black vinyl (with bonus CDs), also available to pre-order on Pledge and through record shops and online, early next year. Quantities will be limited, so don’t wait…

Of particular note is an expanded version of Murcof’s Martes on triple vinyl, now including the original tracks from Utopía and three bonus tracks. Wildbirds & Peacedrums’ Rivers is available for the first time on a single piece of vinyl.

You can listen to a 10 track sampler of tracks from the box set on Bandcamp or Spotify.

We have a number of Leaf 20 live events taking place in London and Leeds, including a short series of shows at the brand new venue Headrow House. See you at the bar. Let’s get this party started.

Sun Nov 15 – Polar Bear + James Holden – Brixton Electric, London
Wed Nov 25 – The Comet Is Coming – Shacklewell Arms, London 
Thu Nov 26 – Melt Yourself Down – Bussey Building, Peckham, London
Fri Nov 27 – Melt Yourself Down – Headrow House, Leeds
Wed Dec 2 – Polar Bear – Headrow House, Leeds
Thu Dec 3 – Matthew Bourne + Tom Rogerson – Headrow House, Leeds

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NOTE: Since the conclusion of the Pledge Music campaign, the Leaf 20 box is now available from the Leaf Shop and Bandcamp.


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