Domenique Dumont: People on Sunday

Domenique Dumont – People On Sunday

We’re delighted to welcome a new signing with considerable pedigree to the Leaf stable. Domenique Dumont, whose hazy exotica albums Comme Ça and Miniatures De Auto Rhythm you may already be familiar with, is the thoroughbred in question. Released on Parisian electronic label Antinote, the records have garnered something of a cult following, and are well worth investigating if you haven’t done so already.

Dumont’s third album – his first for Leaf – is entitled People On Sunday, an original soundtrack to the 1930 silent film variously known as Menschen am Sonntag, Les Hommes le Dimanche and People On Sunday. The film is a key work of interwar German cinema, based on a screenplay by Billy Wilder. Drawing on Dumont’s love of classical music, library music and early electronic experimentation to create a timeless sound, the album evokes a more innocent, carefree era conjured by wistful electronics full of warmth and melody.

“The film shows people and their surroundings shortly before all of it was destroyed,” says Dumont, who has previously composed for film. “Ironically, watching this movie with the eyes of today, it looks more surreal than documentary. And I can’t help but think and reflect about the times we are living in now. We might have similar desires people had a hundred years ago, but we now have a completely different approach to life.”

The title track is accompanied by a video featuring excerpts from the film.

People On Sunday will be released on various formats, including limited edition white vinyl LP (from independent shops only), black vinyl LP and limited edition CD. There is also a super limited edition silver vinyl LP available via Bleep and Bandcamp only. Pre-order here. | Twitter | 
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